Saving accounts are for fools. Only suckers stockpile their money for a rainy day instead of dropping coin on non-functional, pointless material goods like Gaming Heads' 15 inch statue of Left 4 Dead 2's most annoying special infected, The Tank. And when you do actually buy this bad boy, you'll be dropping plenty of coin: $324.99 to be precise.

Okay, so it's pretty expensive, but it is pretty cool, no? Plus, you'll be one of only 300 people in the world to own one, so you've got some bragging rights should you thrown down for this. The piece doesn't release until Q1 of 2011, but if you do actually desire one, you should get your pre-order in now. Or you can just head over to the product page and stare longingly at the various pictures of this badass piece of fandom.
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