I distinctly remember reading the synopsis in the South By Southwest Film Festival guide, and my interest was more than piqued. I was actively bemused! Apparently Barry Munday was a comedy about a goofball who loses his real balls in an accident ... only to discover that he somehow conceived a child before the unexpected (ahem) dis-member-ment. What a goofy idea.

Then I saw the flick and pretty much fell in love with Barry Munday. (It's not gay if he has no testicles, right?) The caustic yet weirdly warm-hearted farce stars Patrick Wilson and Judy Greer (both hilarious), springs from Frank Hollan's novel "Life Is a Strange Place," and hits the screen courtesy of first-time director Chris D'Arienzo. And if you're still not sold yet, I'll point you towards Peter Martin's SXSW review, direct you to the full-sized poster in our gallery below, and inform you that the flick also stars Chloe Sevigny, Malcolm McDowell, Shea Whigham, Christopher McDonald, Missi Pyle, and a delightfully weird Billy Dee Williams.

Barry Munday premieres on various On Demand networks come August 27. Those who prefer to see comedies with a crowd can find it in theaters on October 1. For more, you can also check out the film's official Facebook page.