One of the most amazing film finds of all-time happened back in 2008 -- when several reels of film were discovered in a museum in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The reels contained excised footage from Fritz Lang's Metropolis, footage that was screened in Germany during the title's 1927 release. Not long after that premiere, Paramount and Ufa in Germany ordered the film cut by over 25 minutes -- something that incensed Lang, but couldn't be stopped. The footage was thought to be lost forever until that fateful day in 2008. In the years since, a team of film restorationists have been hard at work cleaning it up and putting it back together. Film fans are about to see the fruit of their labor.

Residents in the UK and Ireland will have several opportunities in the weeks ahead to experience Metropolis exactly as Lang intended (and complete with new subtitles, even) thanks to a series of planned screenings.