Having graduated to the wonderful world of DVR, I rarely find myself dealing with any pesky TV advertisements. Since 96.4%* of all television commercials are derivative garbage with no style, wit or intelligence, this is a good thing. Thankfully, I can usually find that quality 3.6% online, where a click of my mouse allows me to decide whether or not I want something sold to me.

That said, here's a commercial that's easily worth sixty seconds of your time. For reasons not entirely known, a Transformer has entered a state of severe depression. Contemplating suicide, he wanders the city streets, cold and alone...

Okay, so it's not what I'd call a laugh riot, but it's well shot, clever and surprisingly subtle. With the two Michael Bay Transformersmovies out and about, it's weird to see a Transformer NOT pooping, farting, peeing, break dancing or being a racist characiture. Watch the video after the jump.
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