I was pretty taken aback over the weekend when FrightFest's Alan Jones blogged that Kaboom -- Gregg Araki's latest -- was pulled out of the festival. According to Jones' blog, he was told that the filmmaker didn't want it playing at the fest because he didn't want the film seen by a "bunch of geeks."

It was a shocking quote that didn't seem true, and according to the filmmaker himself, there's no truth to the statements. Araki has issued a release asserting: "I would NEVER call anyone who wants to see any film of mine 'a bunch of geeks.'" He continues: "I've never spoken or corresponded with Alan Jones and I'm stunned he would put words in my mouth that I never said."

To be fair, Jones said that his people were told that Araki said these things, and made sure to include the word "alleged." I don't know if that was just a way to safeguard griping about the fact that the Araki camp deciding to pull the movie from the lineup, or if someone in Araki's camp erroneously spoke for the filmmaker. Whatever the case -- Araki insists that he's grateful for each and every fan, and you can read his statement after the jump.
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