'Dinner for Schmucks' comically skews the concept of doing whatever it takes to get ahead. Tim (Paul Rudd), an ambitious sixth-floor analyst for a private equity firm, finally has the opportunity to snag his long sought-after promotion. His boss hosts an annual "dinner for winners," a bogus event in which employees vie to bring the biggest idiot to be secretly mocked for their amusement. At first, Tim's conscience holds him back. Then, in a perfect twist of fate, he meets Barry (Steve Carell), an unwitting IRS agent with a love for taxidermy and a private collection of "mousterpieces." Tim can't resist such an easy ticket to the top and invites Barry to dinner. Unfortunately, the consequential mayhem that ensues seems only to lead Tim on a downward spiral towards rock-bottom.

Here are some of the funniest quotes from 'Dinner for Schmucks':
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Dinner for Schmucks
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Tim (Paul Rudd) a rising executive, works for a boss who hosts a monthly event in which the guest who... Read More

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