Seth Rogen and Michel Gondry's attempt to bring The Green Hornet to a new generation has been fraught with delays, disasters, and apathetic reactions. We thought this might be over when the film's trailer debuted a short time ago, but apparently this production will be surrounded with turmoil until it hits theater screens in January (and maybe afterward -- when the finger-pointing starts should it underperform at the box office ... ).

The latest calamity to hit the film involves the title's soundtrack. Danny Elfman had been tapped to handle the scoring duties for the updated comic tale, but that is apparently no longer the case. A source told Playlist that Elfman has "scheduling conflicts" that are forcing him to bow out of the project. Their source also indicates that James Newton Howard is in talks to take over the duties on Michel Gondry's film.

Truthfully, as Playlist points out, this is probably a good thing. There are two things that seem to be true in Hollywood -- you can "fail upwards" and you can make an entire career out of a few good pieces of work. Elfman has done the latter -- living off the reputation he earned for work from over a decade ago. James Newton Howard, meanwhile, has a pedigree that includes both of Christopher Nolan's Batman films and some other impressive titles.

I'm fine with the decision to replace Elfman, but I can't shake the feeling that The Green Hornet is going to be a huge disaster. Anyone with me, or are you guys optimistic that this will somehow turn out decent despite the issues its encountered?