One of the most -- if not the most -- notorious Hollywood deaths was that of Marilyn Monroe. On August 5, 1962, her psychiatrist called the LAPD and reported that the actress was found dead in her Brentwood home. Her death was listed as "probable suicide" from "acute barbiturate poisoning," but over the years her death has been entangled in conspiracy theories. It might have been the Kennedys, since she had affairs with both political boys. It might have been the mafia, or, heck, maybe even the CIA.

Much like the death of Natalie Wood, Monroe's final moments have been a curiosity-filled mystery. I remember times in the early '90s when I would play the Marilyn Monroe Files, part of me imagining that as I went through the clues and reports, I would discover the true story. That, of course, would be impossible from a mere computer game, but it was a reaction from that desire to know, questions lingering decades upon decades after her demise.

While her death is still a mystery, one man is speaking out about some of her final moments -- Buddy Greco.
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