Maybe it's a breach of journalistic ethics to accept a hug from Eva Mendes, but I don't care. I did it. When an actress of her formidable beauty offers you the chance for a post-interview embrace, you don't turn that down; it's like being asked if you're a god – you always, always say yes. Of course, it had occurred just after what I'm sure she has since told her agents, her loved ones and of course her Fiat-sized german shepherd was the greatest interview she has ever done, so it seems only fair to show her a little love after providing her with a venue to bare her soul about her role in The Other Guys and the challenges and opportunities she's faced in her career.

All kidding aside – and I'm serious about that hug, I got one – Mendes is a remarkably talented and thoughtful actress, having performed ably in a wide variety of roles throughout her career, and she offered no less energy or intelligence than usual talking about Sheila, the comely wife of Will Ferrell's character in The Other Guys. At the film's recent Los Angeles press day, I enjoyed a brief but enlightening discussion about the challenges of keeping up with Ferrell, and finding roles on a regular basis that stimulate her almost as much as the prospect of hugging nerdy, adoring journalists.