Update: Oh, never mind. Nic Cage is just having trouble making up his mind. He's even wishy washy about what role he wants to play. At this moment he's back and cast as the husband again.

As much as I couldn't picture Nicolas Cageand Nicole Kidman as a married couple, I was quite curious to see the duo ham it up together in Joel Schumacher's next film, Trespass, in which they were to play a husband and wife taken hostage. I looked forward to the marketing tied to the "Nic & Nic" concept, if nothing else. Unfortunately, those two names will not share a poster, at least not for Trespass, which Cage abruptly and mysteriously backed out of late last week, according to Deadline.

This exit comes at no worse time than a mere two weeks before the film was to start shooting in New Orleans. All that was known immediately was that Cage fled to the Bahamas and couldn't be contacted by the production. Apparently the actor had already altered the dynamic of the film by recasting himself as the leader of the kidnappers, leaving the husband role open to potentially go to Liev Schreiber.
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