Paul RuddThough she probably didn't know it at the time (1992, to be exact), Gabrielle Birkner was at the center of arguably the coolest bar mitzvah ever (even though, as she writes in her post for the Jewish Daily Forward, it was 'Today' show-themed). The reason: Birkner and her mother were able to score Paul Rudd (yes, the Paul Rudd) as the party's official DJ.

Of course, that was before Paul Rudd was the Paul Rudd. According to her post, the 'Dinner for Schmucks' star was, at the time, on the bar and bat mitzvah scene in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley. Among his duties: sporting a questionable yellow tuxedo jacket and helping Birkner blow out her candles.

Sure, it wasn't exactly an A-list gig. But, as you'll see in the video below, we appreciated his enthusiasm during the game of limbo and his awkward moves on the dance floor (precursor to 'Clueless,' anyone?).

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