If you're a fan of NBC's 30 Rock, you probably know that Tina Feypokes fun of herself through her character, Liz Lemon. A lot. She exaggerates her nerdiness, gawkiness and most importantly her background as a writer for a sketch comedy show. It's no secret that the premise is based on her time at Saturday Night Live, but just how much of the show is really autobiographical? Well, we know that in real life Fey is married with a child, so Liz's love life isn't a mirror. And as much as I think it's hilarious, I hope she never actually dressed as Princess Leia in an attempt to get out of jury duty.

One thing we do now know to be based on truth is Liz's old "phone sex" ad, in which she appeared as "Bijou" to promote a chatline 1-900-OK-FACE. In the real world, Fey did another, more innocent and less disturbing ad for Mutual Savings Bank, and the commercial has finally popped up on the web for everyone to enjoy. It might not make you laugh so hard you hurl, as Jack Donaghy does while watching Liz's early work, but it's still pretty hilarious. Say "hi" to the less attractive 1995 version of Tina Fey after the jump.