Oh Syfy, you never fail to disappoint. Whether it's a hybrid animal terrorizing a coastal resort town or rip offs of disaster flicks, there is never any shortage of off-the-wall programming through which we can escape the horrifying truth that is reality. Not one to skimp when it comes to horror, the recently rebranded "science fiction" network will soon unleash upon the world an original zombie series that actually seems interesting.

According to those fine folks at Shock Till You Drop, Syfy will be bringing us Zeros, an original single-camera show involving zombies and what appears to be a whacky band of zombie hunters. From Shock:

"In this 1/2-hour single-camera satire, when the zombie population of Marshall City overcomes the 30-foot barrier separating the infected people from the rest of the city, the Zombie Extermination and Removal Operations company (the Zeros) are called in to keep the peace. When they can get out of their own way long enough to focus on a case, they are pretty effective with very unorthodox methods"

If done right, this could actually be a really fun show. Of course, it IS a Syfy original, so that means it's a safe bet that it won't be anything more than, well, something you would see on Syfy. The show will be executive produced by David Kenin and Steve Brenner, and co-executive produced by Chris Provost and Dave Hales.
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