One of my absolute favorite memories from Comic-Con was when I found myself standing next to Eva Mendes in the press room during interviews for The Other Guys, and how, in person, the girl has the ability to freeze you mid-stare without even looking in your direction. I don't know what it was that finally shook me from that brief "Oh my, she is damn beautiful" moment of weird, stalker-ish behavior, but I'm happy to report that I was not arrested, nor is there a restraining order against me. Phew.

The good news for folks who, like me, have a little (or big) "thing" for Eva Mendes is that the girl has finally put out her own sex tape. After learning that "Eva Mendes Sex Tape" was something folks have been wanting (and needing) for such a long time -- to the point where it's been one of Google's top searches -- the actress finally decided to do someone something for her millions of ... um, fans. As far as the sex tape goes ... it's good. Strong. Definitely the kind of tape you'll want to use on untreated naked wood, as the video clearly demonstrates.

I'm sure this sex tape is something a lot of you have been waiting a long time for, so I'll cut to the chase and tell you to watch it after the jump. Enjoy!