There is no regret like the one born from a missed opportunity. When it comes to Hollywood, that regret is the source of movie legends about brilliant scripts being tossed away like garbage or a casting choice that just didn't work out. And now, thanks to some new information, we know that the big-screen Justice League can join the ranks of 'Movies That Could Have Been ... Pretty Awesome.' During a press event for The Sorcerer's Apprentice, comedian Jay Baruchel (who had been attached to George Miller's League), dished a little on Miller's plan for that buzzed-about canceled Justice League film, saying it was going to be "f**king epic."

Fans of the League (in all its incarnations) have been teased with a big-screen treatment of the DC legends as far back as 2007. When Miller stepped aboard in 2008, the director moved full steam ahead and after enduring what Baruchel called a "...blogosphere [that] was not very kind to us," the project was shelved, and Miller was out. So what happened? According to Baruchel, it all came down to a price tag (upwards of $300 million) that would've made Justice League of America "the single most expensive movie in the history of movies." And that's with a cast full of "who's that again?" I'm sorry, but how do you spend $300 million with Artie Hammer playing Batman and D.J. Cotrona (who?) playing Superman?
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