There are two completely different sides to that feisty animal called Comic-Con. There's the part where press line up to grab generic sound bites from the actors and actresses working their particular upcoming movie, and then there's the part where you wind up chatting with those same actors and actresses at late-night parties after both of you have thrown back one too many. One such after-hours conversation I had was with Chuck'sZachary Levi. We were at a party, it was way past midnight -- the open bar alcohol had been flowing for hours -- and of course I figured now would be the perfect time to stumble up to the guy and ask him about those Superman rumors from earlier in the month.

Unfortunately, at the time, Levi was a little apprehensive about talking about the whole thing, and after a few minutes a couple other movie writers had joined the conversation and convinced the actor to chat with us off the record. So, yes, I've been sitting on that conversation until now, and while I technically shouldn't be writing about it because it was "off the record," it seems Levi has finally opened up about it "on the record" (for IGN), and so now we should be all good.

One thing I got from Levi is that the guy is itching to make the leap to the big screen in a big way, and he definitely wouldn't be against starring in a superhero film. In fact, I got the sense that he was enjoying the Superman rumors quite a bit -- though, unfortunately, he admitted to us (as well as IGN) that the Superman audition rumor was completely false in every conceivable way.

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