Mark Wahlberg and Will Farrell in 'The Other Guys'It's very, very frustrating, and it happened to me again last night. I was in attendance at an advance screening of The Other Guys, the new comedy with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg that opens on Friday. All was fine, I was in tune with the filmmakers, most of the jokes and comic situations were making the audience laugh -- and then the power went out.

Temperatures in Dallas, Texas, where I live, have been soaring above 100 degrees, so minor power outages are not uncommon. After a couple of false starts, and a break of 10-12 minutes, power was restored and the movie picked up where we left off. But it wasn't the same. The movie had been playing for about 45 minutes before the break, and its comic rhythms had been established, for good or for bad (depending upon how you feel about Will Ferrell and director Adam McKay). The break, ill-timed as it was, meant that we had to jump back into an ongoing story and try to latch onto a narrative train that was slowly pulling away from us.

I call such an occurrence 'cinematicus interruptus,' inspired by coitus interruptus.
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