Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell in 'The Other Guys'Confession: I'm a bitter-ender.

When I'm watching a movie, I watch it all the way to the bitter end. I sit through all of the increasingly endless scroll of credits until the house lights come up. Even at home, I won't change the channel until the scroll is done.

Why do I do it? I hadn't thought about a reason until I read a post last week at the Portland Mercury, featuring the complaints of movie theater usher Erin Sullivan, whose peeves include patrons who try to order ice cream, teens who demand receipts for their concession stand purchases, and bitter-enders like me who are the last to leave. "Unless you just witnessed a documentary on the Holocaust or Darfur," writes Sullivan, there is no need to 'take it all in.'"

Well, I do need to take it all in, and so do other bitter-enders. And more and more, it seems that filmmakers are catering to us by making the end-credit scroll not only a piece of art that complements the rest of the movie, but also, sometimes, a hiding place for essential information. Or sometimes, as is the case with this week's release 'The Other Guys,' both, since the end credits to that film contain both a virtual seminar (told via jazzy infographics) on the current Wall Street mess and, at the very end, a lengthy, funny outtake.
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