Anyone who saw the trailer for this Christmas' Little Fockers probably noticed a conspicuous absence by Dustin Hoffman as the father of Ben Stiller's character. After all, if Barbra Streisand could be lured back for this, the second sequel to Meet the Parents, why not the Hoff? (Oh, what's that? "The Hoff" refers to some other actor? Damn...)

Anyway, it looks like Dusty might join this little rodeo after all. New York Magazine's Vulture blog is reporting that Universal might be looking to rope him into a week of pick-ups in order to improve the potentially troubled product on their hands.

I'm all for any comedy having a few more laughs in it, but I'm skeptical that one more ticket will or won't be sold depending on his presence on the posters and TV spots. Besides, if this outing was such a great idea to begin with, what will Hoffman bring to the table that'll make up for the erectile dysfunction gags and such that got the green light in the first place?

Update: A Universal spokesman offered the usual non-denial "It's not in trouble, but we're still working on it" statement to the L.A. Times.
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