You can't keep a bad man down. After the allegations of domestic abuse, anti-semitic comments and all sorts of general awfulness, the latest rumour from the world of Mel Gibson is that he's considering returning to the Lethal Weapon series and resurrecting 'crazy' cop Martin Riggs.

Gibson was approached a few years ago about returning to the action series that, arguably, made his career when the first film came out way back in 1987. Even though original writer Shane Black, producer Joel Silver and on-screen partner, Danny Glover, were all up for flogging the dead horse, Gibson was riding high on the success of his directorial success, The Passion of the Christ, and considered himself a little bit to cool for school.

Now though, some damage limitation is in order and Mel needs to remind us alll why we loved him in the first place. What's Playing has a quote from a source close to the project:

"Mel probably needs Joel, not to mention Lethal Weapon now more than ever, so I wouldn't at all be surprised if it comes off this time. And it could be a good move, that's a mighty big brand name – it probably would help Gibson, professionally-speaking. I'm not in on those conversations though – so I don't know how they're progressing."

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