Author Joe Haldeman just announced on his Livejournal that the film adaptation of his excellent The Forever War, a science fiction novel that serves as an allegory for the Vietnam War, now has a screenwriter attached to it. Now, for the sake of context, director Ridley Scott has been threatening to make an adaptation of The Forever War for, uh, a while (Must! Resist! Obvious Pun!) and with this announcement, it looks like the film may finally be moving forward.

Though he only obliquely alludes to it, Haldeman says that the film's script will be written by someone " with good credits--like, Unforgiven." That could only mean David Webb Peoples, the sole credited screenwriter of Clint Eastwood's inimitable and much-ballyhooed western.

It's interesting, though hardly shocking, that Haldeman should isolate Webb's most prestigious solo screenwriting credit. I mean, he's not likely to name-drop Paul W.S. Anderson's Soldier, Peoples's most recent script, solo or otherwise (I like Soldier but c'mon, the script isn't what makes it fun, y'know?), though it probably has more in common with The Forever War than Unforgiven does. No what's interesting is Haldeman's emphasized a solo credit over one of the films Peoples's has collaborated on with others, like, say, 12 Monkeys or even Scott's Blade Runner. Makes me think that he's really pulling for this guy to make a good adaptation.

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