With Jaws having just celebrated its 35th anniversary, it seems like shark-movie mania is back in full swing. Since everyone knows there's no way on Earth to outdo Spielberg's classic -- which didn't stop people like Renny Harlin from trying with Deep Blue Sea -- filmmakers like Fred Olen Ray, Roger Corman, and the guys over at The Asylum have gone in a different direction: making weird hybrid shark films.

We've thrilled to Dinoshark. We're giddily anticipating Sharktopus. We've all parodied the "shark alarm" line endlessly -- but nothing has prepared you for Super Shark.

This masterpiece in the making from Fred Olen Ray features a prehistoric shark that not only rules the ocean, but can get airborne just like those Great Whites in South Africa and can even walk on land thanks to his awesome fins. Yes, it sounds like the stupidest thing ever -- and it's probably going to make Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus look like Moby Dick in terms of quality, but there's something amazingly awesome about this new trailer for the film anyway.

Continuing the new shark movie trend of getting past their prime actors to appear in the films, Super Shark boasts appearances by John Schneider (in his second low budget shark flick...) and Jimmy Walker. That's right, one of the Duke boys and JJ from Good Times are teaming up to battle this menace. Walker appears in the trailer twice and manages to get a 'dy-no-mite!" line in both times.

I do love the little homages to Jaws -- particularly the politician who wants to be sure the beaches will be open for the holiday weekend. Here's to hoping he sports a blazer festooned with anchors on it to make the homage complete.

Hit the jump for the trailer and check out Undead Backbrain for a still gallery.
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