Do you see that alarmingly detailed mech warrior above? It was inspired by the Dreadnought units of the Warhammer 40K game series. But it's not just an awesome bit of nerdy arts and crafts, that behemoth is actually a computer case.

Being a PC gamer, I'm kind of a nut for case mods, but this mofo takes the cake for its sheer extravagance (it's badass, but I'd kill myself if I had to lug it to a LAN Party). I've seen dozens of awe-inspiring computer cases over the years, but few take things to such a large scale as Warhammer fan MarneusCalgar, who first posted images of his project to the Bell of Lost Souls forums. I've included a few more pictures of the menacing beast below, including a video of its Gatling Gun firing up, but it's really worth following the rabbit hole to see pictures of its genesis.
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