I'd like to say that my obsession with Tron started with test footage for Tron: Legacy that debuted at Comic-Con three years ago. (For some reason, that seems vaguely reasonable for an otherwise well-adjusted film critic/ entertainment journalist.) But the truth is that I have been a fan of Tron since some time in the early 1980s, when its oversized white Disney clamshell box stared back at me from a video-store shelf, promising a weird, unforgettable journey behind (and beyond) the screen of my favorite video games. Perhaps needless to say, a chance encounter with Tron creator Steven Lisberger via a mutual friend – a year or so before the follow-up was announced – ranked high among my favorite moments of personal fandom, at least until I was able to go to the actual set of Legacy and interview him at length.

Cinematical was offered the chance to speak with Lisberger again at this year's Comic-Con, and I was only too happy to take that particular assignment. In addition to talking about his role as "the Obi Wan" of Tron: Legacy, the talented Tron creator reflected on the opportunities and repercussions of creating this digital world, and most excitingly, revealed one particular part of the original he is happy to see more fully realized in its forthcoming follow-up.