Burlesque has come back into vogue in recent years, almost to the point where it's overdone (many would say that time has already come), but that won't stop Hollywood from making a film set in one of the clubs because if there's one thing studios love doing, it's hopping onto a fad just as its starting to fade back into irrelevancy.

Case in point? Burlesque -- another in a long line of "small-town girl with showbiz dreams" films, this time starring Christina Aguilera as the young hopeful looking to make it big in the burlesque business. Joined by Cher (looking well preserved), Stanley Tucci, and Kristen Bell -- the film looks mostly like an extended Aguilera music video, complete with seductively dressed sirens and countless musical numbers. Many are already calling it a cross between Showgirls (more like Showgirls lite -- Oprah approved) and Chicago, which feels pretty apt based on the new trailer.

Which side of that comparison do you think Burlesque will lean toward? It's not my kind of music, but I've always felt that Aguilera had the best singing chops out of all her blonde, studio-created brethren. If Burlesque tanks, will it hurt her singing career? Check out the trailer after the jump and when you're done laughing, let us know what you think.