I know, I know, Miramax is supposed to have gone the way of the dodo bird, but the genre division (Dimension Films) is clearly still on life support. I know this because the L.A. Times has just informed me that the stunningly lazy and money-desperate company is setting their sights on a remake of John Landis' undeniable classic An American Werewolf in London. To that end they've tapped sophomore screenwriter Fernley Phillips (The Number 23) to somehow ape a film that hasn't been improved upon since 1981. (I'd actually call it the best werewolf film ever made, and that includes black & white movies.)

Forgive the bald-faced derision here ... but this idea sucks raw eggs. Dimension has proven in the past with their involvement on Halloween, The Amityville Horror, and Black Christmas that they care little for pleasing the true horror fans, so long as their stunningly limp retreads make a nice haul on opening weekend. I'd be skeptical if anyone wanted to remake this classic -- but the Dimension connection has me filled with dread, quite frankly. And not the sort of dread a good horror flick should make you feel. This is not a basic slasher monster that can be "copied" relatively well, nor is it a film that needs to be improved upon. All that leaves is plain and simple greed, as in "Hell, THAT'S a popular horror title. Let's remake THAT!"
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