Our latest addition to the Cinematical team, David Ehrlich, came up with a great new theme for our series of fan-centric musings: "Greatest Movie Endings." The piece is now open to all of our talented writers, so stay tuned for lots of spoiler-filled musings.

After being mesmerized by The Kingdom, I couldn't help but grab a ticket to Lars von Trier'sDogville when it screened at TIFF back in 2003. I wasn't very familiar ... yet ... with von Trier's work, but with visions of eerie hospitals dancing through my head, I couldn't help but see what he'd do with the likes of Nicole Kidman, Paul Bettany, Patricia Clarkson, and more. I settled in and the almost 3-hour movie absolutely flew by.

It was like a cerebral and chilling spin on Our Town. Though it didn't have the supernatural frights of The Kingdom, Dogville revealed unshakable human fears and ugliness that morph from seeming kindness into exploitation and cruelty. Without most props, sets, and a complete lack of environment, all you could do was focus on Grace and her experiences in that small town of chalk outlines, which had to inevitably come to a head.

[Spoiler alert: Obviously, what follows after the jump is a discussion of the film's ending.]