There are a lot of comedians who seem to harbor deep, dark secrets beneath their effervescent exterior. There are others who either enjoy or feel the need to be "on" all of the time when they're talking to the press and public. And then there's Will Ferrell, quite possibly, the most normal-seeming, well-adjusted guy who's ever made you wet your pants laughing. At the recent Los Angeles press conference for The Other Guys, for example, Ferrell was in fine form, offering fewer genuine answers than guffaw-inducing non-sequiturs. But immediately afterward, he was mellow, thoughtful, and even a little bit serious as examined the same character he'd previously cracked up a press core talking about.

Cinematical took the pole position for an exclusive interview right after that press conference, and yes, Ferrell was occasionally funny. But his bemusement was less trying to impress a journalist who, to be honest, already thought he was hilarious, and more him talking about stuff that sometimes made him laugh – like the idea that an actual story was a new and unusual addition to his repertoire of films with longtime collaborator Adam McKay, who directed The Other Guys. Alternately amusing and introspective, Ferrell reflected on the challenges of playing a cop both for real and for comedy, and offered a few insights into being a funnyman, even if he doesn't feel the need to be funny all of the time.