One thing I've always remembered about Humanoids from the Deep -- aside from the sight of swamp men lumbering after naked women -- is the cover art: two evil, inhuman eyes peering over a prone, scantily clad female body. The image ranks among those that I remember casting sideways glances at while wandering the local video store with my family, and one that I would later become familiar with on my own. Humanoids, combines several things effortlessly -- no doubt thanks to producer Roger Corman. There's a nasty exploitation element, a 50's/60's monster drama throwback, a dash of Jaws, and a social/racial subtext -- something that Corman toyed with in every film.

The aquatic bloodshed unfolds in the fishing village of Noyo, where fishermen in the opening scene capture a terrifying creature in their net. If you doubted my word that Humanoids was going to be an unpleasant affair, then the child being slaughtered by a Humanoid, and a dog that gets eviscerated all within the first few minutes of the film should change your mind. As we venture further into the "story" we learn that the village residents are divided over a corporate cannery, which many believe is threatening to take over their humble town. In the meantime, slasher-worthy carnage is happening left and right, but perhaps the most unsettling aspect is the rape and impregnation of the local women by oversized, slimy monsters who seem to be washing up on shore in droves.
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