I like break-dancing movies as much as the next guy/girl, truly. But is it really necessary to have 3-D break-dancing movies? Are you listening, makers of 'Step Up 3-D'? 3-D horror movies, fine. I don't like it, but I can see the appeal of enhancing the fright factor by having things that are popping out at you really pop out at you.

But pirouettes and dancey kicks? Do those need to pop out at me? I think I'll still get the full effect of a spinny twirl even if it's not jumping off the screen. Besides, I'm not sure how close I want these menacing street toughs getting to me. Those ragamuffins can just go ahead and step back! Stay on the screen, you intimidating band of graceful gangstas!

To prove I'm not a total hater, there are a few classic scenes I wouldn't mind seeing in 3-D. I'm sure if this 3-D craze continues (it does seem to be fizzling out somewhat), we'll see the day when all of our favorite films are converted into 3-D format. In anticipation, here's a list of movie moments I want to pop out at me someday. (Better yet, how about somebody creates a 3-D montage of all these scenes spliced together? Set to some futuristic 3-D music! There's gotta be a market for something like that.)
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