Crappy economy got you down? Perfectly understandable; it is, after all, pretty crappy. But if that's the case, maybe this story [via Heat Vision] can brighten your day just a tiny little bit.

An anonymous family was recently sorting through their basement to find boxes that they could pack all of their belongings into because they were on the verge of having their bank foreclose on their home. They came upon a box full of comic books, most of which weren't of any particular value, but one with a cover depicting Superman lifting a car over his head caught their eye. It was Action Comics #1, which even casual comics fans should recognize as the first time Superman appeared to the world.

Having realized what they stumbled upon, the family got in touch with, a New York-based company known for brokering high price deals for incredibly rare comics. After having provided proof that the comic was legit to company owner Vincent Zurzolo, the comics expert then phoned the family's bank and convinced them to hold off on the foreclosure until they could sell the issue in a month's time.

Their asking price hasn't been disclosed, but ComicConnect sold one copy of Action No. 1 just this past March for a cool $1.5 million, so it's safe to say that the fortunate couple's abode, which has been in the family since the 1950s, is safe from foreclosure.
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