Welcome back to another wild week of horror films on home video! This week doesn't have too much aside from the three big titles above, but rest assured, we'll list everything for you. Here we go...

First up is After.Life, which arrives on DVD and Blu-ray this week after a brief theatrical run. The film, despite a fairly decent cast and the promise of ample nudity from Christina Ricci, debuted on a whopping 41 screens and earned a grand total of just over $100,000 in the few weeks it remained in theaters. Now it's being rather unceremoniously dumped on home video. The thing is despite all that, the film itself doesn't look half-bad. Looking forward to checking it out if for nothing than else than creepy Liam Neeson and the aforementioned Ricci nudity.

Next up is Shout! Factory with another amazing 1-2 punch. This week sees the release of not one but two more entries into Shout's Roger Corman's Cult Classics line. Both Piranha and Humanoids from the Deep are now available on both DVD and Blu-ray. Shout's commitment to bring Corman films to high def is one of the best things that's happened for genre fans in a long time. Both of these releases are packed with special features as has come to be expected from this line. These two are at the top of my current must-buy-soon list!
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