Admit it, I had you at Swamp Shark. I didn't even need to throw in the fact that Kristy Swanson is this Syfy movie's equivalent of Quint. The title alone sells the entire movie, as well it should, because it's glorious.

I know this is probably expected of me at this point, but I actually think that this Swamp Shark trailer [via Fango] doesn't look half bad for what it is. Sure, it is nothing but another Jaws clone, but I'm okay with that because I'm a big fan of the "person no one believes warns the local authorities that they need to close the beaches, but the beaches stay open" formula*. Plus, it actually has some pleasant looking scenery thanks to some above average shooting locations.

Will it be any good? Probably not, but that has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not I'll watch it.

*One day I'll actually make a list of all the holiday events that small towns refuse to shut down despite warnings of impending beast-on-human carnage. Swamp Shark's "Gator Fest" sounds pretty promising, but my favorite has to be the "Pumpkin Spice Festival" from Lightning Strikes.
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