I happened to sell my 360 to a friend just the other day out of sheer non-use. It had been sitting next my TV for months, a glorified Netflix streaming device, as I shifted back to PC gaming. The latest game I can remember really getting into on it was Fable II from famous game designer Peter Molyneux. It was hardly a perfect RPG (though it was certainly a huge improvement over the first game's incredibly limited scope), but its persistent blend of humor and fantasy was a nice change of pace for a genre that is normally pretty serious.

Anyways, had I seen Fable III's cinematic intro prior two weeks ago, I might have held onto my 360 for a few more months so I could run through the newest entry in the series. The opening doesn't actually show any gameplay, but it does showcase the style of storytelling that made me a fan of the franchise in the first place. It really has little to do with the plot of the series, so if you haven't played any of the titles thus far, you'll still be able to get a kick out of it.
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