Earlier this week, I posted a video called If Firefly Existed In The 80s which offered an alternative look at Firefly's title sequence. But something about that video bothered commenter Marcus: out of all the main characters, only Dr. Simon Tam (Sean Maher) didn't get his own title card and on-screen credit.

I was puzzled by that omission as well. Luckily, commenter mike i was around to set the record straight by reminding us that in the alternative universe where Firefly ran in the 80s, the title sequence I posted "was Firefly's second-season intro. By then, Sean Maher had cashed in on his unbelievable popularity, with a spin-off."

Don't believe me? Or, more accurately, don't believe mike i? Then click through to see the title sequence for the short-lived but critically acclaimed* series, Simon Tam M.D.
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