On Monday, I reported that Yael Hersonski's gripping Holocaust documentary, A Film Unfinished, was given an R by the MPAA for "disturbing images of holocaust atrocities including graphic nudity." The filmmaker, Oscilloscope Laboratories, and Warsaw Ghetto survivor Hana Avrutzky (by means of a letter) fought the decision, asking the appeals board to "consider the context of the nudity in the film in terms of its historical and educational importance" so that viewers across the country could have unrestricted access to the material.

But the board upheld the decision, voting 12 to 3 in favor of the R rating. It's another example of the MPAA ignoring precedent and voting by whim, as the Oscar-winning Steven Spielberg film, The Last Days, was given a PG-13 for "graphic images and descriptions of Holocaust atrocities."
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