20th Century icon, Civil Rights leader and orator of one of the most inspirational speeches of all time: Martin Luther King Jr. was all these things and more. Well, now you can add another category to his legend as it turns out, apparently, that Dr. King was a Trekkie.

In a new US series, 'Pioneers of Television', Nichelle Nichols (who played Lt. Uhura on the Starship Enterprise) claims that she met Dr. King at a fundraiser one night and he declared to her his love of Star Trek, a conversation which persuaded her to stay on in a role she felt was stalling her career.

As reported by the LA Times, on a recent press tour for the new series Nichols told an audience that she took the role in Star Trek because, "I thought it might be a nice adjunct to my resume and I'd get to Broadway faster." Disappointed with the show, she contemplated leaving after the first season, saying "I thought it was going nowhere for me."

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