AMC just keeps doling out goodies for The Walking Dead -- and we're incredibly thankful as everyone here at Horror Squad is looking forward to the show's debut. The latest piece of behind the scenes magic is a new clip with FX wizard Greg Nicotero showing us how he created the first episode's bicycle zombie.

If you're at all interested in special effects, then this five minute clip is full of things sure to keep your attention. Nicotero opens it by explaining what they were trying to achieve, then the steps they went through to create the look. It took over three hours to get the actress into the full appliance -- which covered her arms, torso, back, and head. You see the entire process firsthand (albeit sped up dramatically) in the last few minutes of the clip. This gives you an idea of what some of these actors and actresses go through.

Check it out after the jump. The Walking Dead debuts this October on AMC.
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