So I'm not sure if I'm just completely out of touch or if this is just a real generation gap thing but allow me to say: I feel old right now. Very, very old. Nickelodeon Films has just released a trailer (watch it after the jump) for a movie simply title Fred: The Movie, and I have no one idea who or what that person is. For anyone single, over 18 and not living at home with younger siblings, this must be like hearing about Justin Bieber and Hannah Montana second-hand all over again.

The difference between those prepackaged phenomenons and this is that Fred is a genuwine YouTube hit: 15 year-old Lucas Cruikshank, also known as "Fred, Internet Sensation," has posted videos on the YouTubes of a character named Fred Figglehorn, whose antics range from not taking his medication to careening around his house and talking about his "family problems." It's a very weird concept and I can't entirely get my head around it -- he looks like he's just freaking out on camera; I assume his act is that he's a caricature of other hyper information age teens with problems just like them? Maybe?

But Cruikshank's videos consistently get, without exaggeration, millions of hits each time. The kid apparently speaks to some part of the pre-teen soul I have never even heard of. The trailer for Fred: the Movie makes Fred's celebrity at least a little more understandable in that it shows him to be the internet equivalent of a junior stand-up comedian given free reign to make his schtick a feature-length film. I don't predict that'll work as very few comedians who have actually spent years honing their craft have been able to stretch that kind of material into, y'know, a movie worth watching. Then again, I'm not the target audience.