Actress Gemma Arterton has thus far had a very weird year at the movies. It's a year that has most accentuated the disparity between the image she'd like to project to her audience and the one she mostly has thus far. Having previously broken through to mainstream attention with British pop comedy St. Trinian's, Arterton has starred in both the Clash of the Titansremake and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Timevideo game adaptation. She's also starred in The Disappearance of Alice Creed, a gritty B-movie. In the film, Arterton ditches her more glamorous roles and throws herself into a character that spends most of the film tied up screaming for help.

Alice Creed has been kidnapped by a couple of ex-cons, played by a towering Eddie Marsan and a very good Martin Compston, with a meticulous plan to ransom her and get away scot-free. Arterton talked to Cinematical recently about why The Disappearance of Alice Creed is the kind of role she wants to gravitate more towards and what it's like to be yelled at by Marsan, most famous as the "Enn raa haa" driving instructor from Mike Leigh's Happy-Go-Lucky.

Cinematical: There's a great incongruity between that glamorous, blockbuster-type role that you have in Clash of the Titans and...

Gemma Arterton:Prince of Persia.

Cinematical: Yes. (both laugh)

Arterton: It's all right. They're both the same, really (laughs).