Back in November of last year, I confirmed that Jackass 3D was indeed on Paramount's 2010 slate. Some were skeptical, but we now know it's true.

Then, just last month at Comic-Con, Erik Davis got an eight-minute glimpse into the future of the franchise. He was skeptical that he should tell us exactly what it was he saw there.

And now we have a trailer, embedded below, that promises more of the same stunts and shenanigans come October. Judging solely from this, I'm skeptical about the eventual effectiveness of the 3D; at least they shot it as intended and didn't convert it after the fact.

But based on what Johnny Knoxville and director Jeff Tremaine already showcased for an audience of the curious in 2002 and 2006, I have little doubt that my gag reflex is going to get a fierce workout all the same. Who knows, maybe they'll finally nab a Best Documentary nomination this year...