Ahead of its big DVD premiere, the 12-minute Lost epilogue has apparently leaked online in full. Honestly the thing answers more questions in 12 minutes than the entire show did in seasons 3 and 4 combined, but they don't manage to get to everything. And, in true Lost fashion, even the questions they do answer leave room for even more questions.{shakes fist} Damn you Lost!

In terms of what you can expect to have answered in these 12 minutes:

-- Where's Walt, and what has he been up to since the island?
-- Why do the women have trouble getting pregnant on the island?
-- What's up with the polar bears?
-- Um, and what's up with Room 23?
-- The full dealio behind the Hydra station and why Chang has so many aliases.

There's probably some more stuff in there that I missed, but feel free to pick it apart below. Don't know how long this will stay online, so catch it while it's hot after the jump ...

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