Zombies are everywhere -- and thanks to artist Matt Busch, they're even turning up in classic film posters that had nary a single walking corpse in them in the first place. Busch has created a fantastic series of one-sheets aptly titled Hollywood is Dead-- filtering iconic images through a lens that would make George Romero and Lucio Fulci proud.

Before he started painting zombie posters, Busch was a well known artist who'd lent his talent to books, games, posters and trading cards in the Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Indiana Jones universes amongst others. He got his big break with the living dead when Avatar Press tapped him to do over a dozen covers for the Night of the Living Dead comic series. In 2009, Lucasfilm asked him to create a picture for their horror/Star Wars crossover Death Troopers. The resulting images, which placed zombies in the six films' classic posters, was a huge hit.

Since then, the artist has crafted a series of painted zombified recreations of classic movie one-sheets, including Breakfast is Tiffany, a Harry Potter title, and Gnaws -- yay for zombie sharks! Busch teases his audience: "I wanted to have a nice chunk of posters to get Hollywood is Dead started, but dozens more are on the way. Aside from individual posters and prints, the idea is to have them collected into a sweet coffee-table art book. There are also plans to have a traveling gallery show of the original art. After that, I do have something huge in mind that will spin all of this on its ass. But way too early to talk about it now."

Visit Busch's official website for details on upcoming projects. Check out a few of my favorite images in the gallery below.

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