Vampires Vs. ZombiesThis should be not be confused with the low-budget movie of a similar name (see photo). NBC has bought the pilot spec script to a cop-buddy TV series where the cops are a zombie and a vampire respectively. The cops are attached to a special unit that deals with "zombie crimes." The pilot was written by Austin Winsberg who created the short-lived 'Jake in Progress.'

Sometimes words just fail. This sounds like one of those really bad B-movies that tries to take itself seriously (again, see photo), but that only reinforces the comic aspect. In fact, presented as a comedy, this concept has a minimal chance of success (as opposed to the non-existant chance it has otherwise).

I can understand why a vampire and a zombie would be paired together on a police force since they can't feed on each other and that would keep the human cops at a safe distance. At least when they find those human criminals, they can eat together.
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