This has been a summer of knock down, drag out action, with Iron Men, vampires and dream thieves battling it out for both survival on screen and box office supremacy off screen. But while the action in the cineplex has been fierce, Hollywood's biggest battle has been secretly taking place in back rooms and boardrooms, as studios vie for the biggest prize of the year: a juicy new Nicholas Sparks romance.

Okay, so maybe that doesn't sound like your typical bloodbath, but Disney, Fox, Sony and Warner Bros. were all apparently in the bidding war that broke out over the latest Sparks offering, 'Safe Haven,' which is set to hit bookstore shelves on September 14. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, when the dust settled, it was actually Relativity Media who came away with the rights.

So what's the big deal about? Part of it is the fact that Sparks has a proven track record not just with literary geeks but also at the box office; the unheralded war weepie 'Dear John' unexpectedly brought in $112 worldwide earlier this year while previous films like 'Nights in Rodanthe,''Message in a Bottle' and 'The Notebook' all delivered as well.
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