Limbo, a very cool platformer game with puzzle elements from developers Playdead, recently became available on Xbox Live. I can assure you that of all the Xbox Live Arcade games I've played, this is hands down the best of the bunch. Yes, it's better than Braid – although, to be fair, I found Braid to be more pretentious than fun. While the "games as art" crowd has already latched onto the title like a pitbull on a raw steak as the newest bit of proof in defense of their thesis, I genuinely hope that doesn't put people off playing the game.

There is an undeniable artistic element to what Playdead has brought us – a visual aesthetic that certainly puts it on par with titles like Flower and a gameplay component and vague narrative that's quite reminiscent of Ico. It certainly walks the "art game" walk, and you can definitely use the technical jargon when discussing it – but more importantly than all that is the fact that Limbo is fun. Skip past the break to find out why it's so much fun.
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