I try to stay positive on remakes, I do. I am probably one of eight critics on the planet who actually enjoyed not only the Nightmare on Elm Street revamp but the majority of the reboots to come out of Platinum Dunes. I am not so stalwartly opposed to my beloved titles that I can't see the potential in something like Dreamworks' remake of Fright Night or even in the prequel to The Thing (the benefit of doubt in that matter hinging on the fact that it is indeed a prequel and not a remake) despite the track record of Carpenter remakes. But I think, like so many incensed vigilantes before me, I have to draw a line in the sand at the idea of remaking An American Werewolf in London.

That's just what Dimension intends to do according to the LA Times' 24 Frames blog. In the article, it is announced that not only will this branch of the Weinstein Company be pushing another Scream movie on us, but also remaking one of the greatest horror films of all time. The script will be penned by Fernley Phillips who is best known for the disastrous Jim Carrey thriller 23. Check out the article for full details.

I am not saying no one has the capacity to deliver a decent American Werewolf remake; the infinitesimal chances of that happening do fill me with a sense of dread right out of the gate but it could happen. It is simply the wrong time to remake a great werewolf movie. We are living in the age of the shirtless, dopey, lovesick Labrador masquerading as a werewolf, and remaking something as truly horrifying as Landis' nightmare in a facile attempt to cash in on that trend makes me sick. You wanna revamp Teen Wolf? Be my guest, now is the right time (and I hear that is happening as well) but stay the hell away from scary werewolves until this trend dies and the true horrorphiles can take it back.
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