I spent a decent portion of my childhood wishing I could be a meteorologist thanks to Twister. I was young, but still smart enough to know that saying I wanted to grow up to be a storm chaser wouldn't go over too well, so I figured meteorology could be a sneakier way to hang out in hurricanes and see tornados firsthand. Of course I grew out of that phase, but that doesn't mean I lost my fascination for violent weather or my taste for Twister. In fact, it's been way too long since we've had a good tornado movie.

Well, it looks like one could actually be on the way. The details are vague, but according to Shock Till You Drop, Chris Rossi and Gabriel Scott penned a script about a group of storm chasers who face an F5 tornado. Twister all over again? Not really. The tornado is actually the least of the team's worries because they'll be defending themselves against "a force greater than Mother Nature." The film is called Day 38 and it'll be shot POV-style à la Cloverfield and REC.

That's all we've got for now, but it's more than enough to stir up some excitement. Why is Hollywood so obsessed with 3D when POV films feel monumentally more real? REC, Cloverfield, Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch were great, but they all involve some sort of out-of-this-world entity. It could actually be more terrifying to explore a realistic horrifying situation that way. Of course the "whole force greater than Mother Nature" thing might imply the presence of some unearthly power, but getting up close and personal with dangerous cyclones could really make for a fantastic shaky cam film.

I know I'm interested and will be keeping a close eye on this one, but what about you? Any desire for another POV film?
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