When I first reported on Casey Affleck's casting last week, I suggested Krysten Ritter take the female lead. Well, the candidates for that role have been revealed and even though Ritter's name isn't on the list, we've still got some fantastic options here. According to Production Weekly (via The Playlist), Rose Byrne, Rebecca Hall, Deborah Ann Woll and Mary Elizabeth Winstead are all in the running to play Chantry.

The F-Word really has an excellent shot at being the next (500) Days of Summer, if not better. Not only did Elan Mastai's script make on the 2008 Black List, but it sits at #12 on Script Shadow. The piece is about Wallace and Chantry. They meet at a party, are totally into each other, but there's a problem: Chantry's got a boyfriend. They agree to stay friends, but of course that's not going to be as easy as it sounds.

The plan is to start testing for the role of Chantry and supposedly Byrne, Hall, Woll and Winstead are all expected to give it a shot. If I had my choice, Woll would be the first to go simply because I'm not a True Blood fan and have never caught any of her other TV appearances. If she does snag the role hopefully her upcoming film Mother's Day will be enough to have faith in her casting. Choosing between Hall and Winstead basically comes down to what they're going for with Chantry. Winstead's got a much younger look and her resume is packed with young-adult type material while Hall solidified a more mature persona in Vicky Christina Barcelona.
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