One of the few 'girlie-girl' cliches you could accuse me of exhibiting is an aversion to organized sports ... except when it comes to the movies. I couldn't tell you who won last year's Superbowl, but I've seen just about every football movie from North Dallas Forty to Rudy, and the same could be said for most of the major sports: baseball, basketball, hockey, you name it. I may not follow sports in the real world, but I will always watch a sports movie, and that habit can be traced back to Youngblood, a film near and dear to me for no other reason than it filmed just a few blocks from where I grew up. So if you haven't seen it, you're in luck, because the 80's hockey classic is now available at SlashControl as one of their free movies.

The 1986 film centered on a farm boy named Dean Youngblood (Rob Lowe) who hopes to make it into the NHL, but first has to pay his dues on a rough and tumble Canadian team by the name of the Hamilton Mustangs. After getting his 'stick' handed to him by the bruisers on a rival team, Dean learns to become a bit of a brute himself and avenges his mentor (played by Patrick Swayze) by kicking the crap out of a fellow player in the championship game. If nothing else, the movie stands out as one of the few hockey flicks to champion the 'brawler' over the skilled athlete.
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